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James is shoved down a flight of stairs!

James Barton

James ends up with a broken leg after a bitter confrontation with Ross Barton in Emmerdale…

As Emma and James are about to move in to Wylie’s Farm their world comes crashing down. And Ross is at the centre of it all as he shoves his dad down the stairs after finding out James had messed around with Moira behind Emma’s back! And soon, Emma hears about the betrayal as well…

Priya’s organised a welcome home do for Rakesh but that, too, turns sour when she acts on her suspicions that he’s been having an affair with Chrissie. When the bent lawyer’s return home is greeted with a slap from Priya rather than a loving embrace, will he admit the truth about his debts?

Bernice challenges Lawrence to come clean about Andy, and finds out Kerry has been sleeping in the salon.