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Jesse's shock proposal!

Jesse and Adele were just coming to terms with last week's shock news she was pregnant, when a scan revealed there was no baby and that, instead, Adele had an ovarian cyst. Having had the cyst removed and now waiting for test results to find out if it was cancerous, Adele's back at work, this week, but feels put out when Jesse is cold towards her. For some reason, Jesse is trying to keep Adele away from glamorous patient Talesha - but the pair meet when Elliot invites Adele to help treat her. With Jesse seemingly intent on keeping Adele and Talesha apart, Adele soon grows suspicious.

So when Adele sees Jesse at Talesha's bedside surrounded by several adoring young women, she storms off. Jesse goes after her – he has something to say but Adele doesn't want to hear it. Suddenly, Adele hears singing and finds Talesha leading an all-female choir… then Jesse gets down on one knee and asks Adele to marry him! Unfortunately, Jesse doesn’t get the reaction he was expecting when Adele doesn't answer and runs off! Jesse catches up with Adele and admits he got so wrapped up in arranging his grand proposal he forgot to ask how she was feeling following her health scare. Jesse apologises - but will it be enough for Adele to accept his proposal?

When Fletch parks illegally in the hospital car park, to help a man with a serious leg wound, his car gets clamped, but he can't afford to pay the fine to have it removed. When Fletch's daughter Evie calls from home in distress, Fletch admits to new porter Clifford that he's heavily in debt. Later, Clifford presents Fletch with his car keys, having had the clamp removed. Clifford then offers Fletch a holdall of knocked-off cigarettes to sell. Fletch is reluctant but must decide whether desperate times call for desperate measures…

Also, when Essie speaks out about a high-profile patient's choice, Sacha tries to limit the damage but when there is an unexpected outcome and Hanssen's reputation is jeopardised, Essie future is far from certain.

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