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Luke Browning propositions a shocked Jay Mitchell!

EastEnders - Luke Browning Jay Mitchell
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Jay Mitchell is stunned when Luke Browning approaches him with an offer that he might find difficult to refuse over the car lot…

Luke uses the fact that he’s been seeing Ben as an excuse to visit Jay and make an offer on the car lot. Will Jay accept when Luke puts a great deal on the table? Meanwhile, Billy finds out that the business is going to come under scrutiny with a tax audit later that week. Although Jay reassures Billy that it will be fine, he’s left rattled when Billy reveals he didn’t do the taxes properly…

Max is causing concern for Luke, who is worried that he might be backing out of his deal with Willmott-Brown. When Luke has a word with Fi, she realises she needs to make sure that Max gets the sealed bids from Carmel. Max feels uncomfortable about getting the information from Carmel. But when she falls asleep Max snoops on her computer to find what he wants. At the end of his tether, Max arranges to meet with Willmott-Brown to sort things out with him once and for all.

Also, Donna offers to go with Robbie when his date cancels!