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Mick needs Whitney's support

EastEnders Mick Carter Whitney Carter
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

In EastEnders, Mick asks Whitney to be there for him at an important meeting with the bank.

Mick prepares for the visit from someone from the bank to talk through the possibility of a loan. Although Shirley suggested it, Mick asks Whitney to be in the meeting with him for support. When the man from the bank turns up, will Mick get the answer he’s hoping for?

Ian reluctantly agrees to go to the Vic for his birthday drinks to celebrate with his friends and family. Meanwhile, Kim and Carmel are in the pub, gossiping about who the father of Denise’s baby could be. When Denise joins them for a drink, Kim comes to a shock conclusion... But is she right?

Stacey encourages Bex to go to The Vic to help Ian celebrate his birthday, but things soon take a bad turn. Meanwhile, Shirley is not best pleased about having to help Tina plan Sylvie’s 75th birthday party.