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Monster Croc Wrangler – National Geographic WILD

Matt Wright and his team Monster Croc Wrangler
(Image credit: WFD PRODUCTIONS/Dan Walkington)

Helicopter pilot and animal expert Matt Wright tracks down some very snappy predators in Monster Croc Wrangler on National Geographic WILD

‘I’m not exactly sure where this crocodile is right now,’ says crocodile expert Matt Wright in a new series of National Geographic WILD’s Monster Croc Wrangler.

These are not the words you want to hear when standing waist-deep in croc-infested muddy water while attempting to catch a massive salt-water croc.

Matt Wright Monster Croc Wrangler

Matt Wright’s back to catch more crabby crocs in National Geographic WILD’s Monster Croc Wrangler

But it’s just another day at the office for the Australian animal relocation expert as he kicks off the new series tonight with a double bill (from 8pm, see our TV Guide for full listings), helping a farmer with a big croc problem.

A 16ft-long salty is stealing his cows, up to one or two a week, and putting his workers in danger, too, so he’s called on Matt and his laid-back team (pictured top) to catch the beast and move him to a home where expensive beef and farmhands are off the menu. 

TV Times rating: ****