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Neighbours spoilers: Aaron starts popping painkillers for his back injury

Neighbours, Aaron Brennan

Still struggling with his back injury, and under pressure from fiance David and future dad-in-law Paul, Aaron starts taking painkillers

With his wedding to fiance David just weeks away, and new business partner Paul piling on the pressure over promotion for the gym, stressed-out Aaron is struggling to power on through.

When Aaron's future sister-in-law Amy sees angry Aaron have a pop at Dipi, she urges him to tell her brother, David he's having a tough time trying to stay on top of everything. But Aaron's stubborn pride gets in the way. Determined not to let anybody down, he starts popping painkillers to help with his back injury.

Elsewhere, Cassius talks his way out of trouble with Ned. But will Cassius's cover story be enough convince Ned not to drop him in it with Piper?

But Ned has his own troubles closer to home when he and Bea meet for another of their late-night walks, but accidentally bump into Bea's older sister Elly! She wastes no time in demanding to know what her ex-boyfriend Ned and Bea are up to...

And Sheila gets more than she bargained for when she complains to neighbour Susan, her and Clive's love-life could do with some extra spice in the bedroom!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5