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Neighbours spoilers: Andrea Somers remembers vital clue in Dee mystery!

Neighbours, Karl Kennedy, Andrea Somers

Andrea agrees to a hypnosis session with doctor Karl and recalls the name of the mystery man who mistook her for 'Karen' (aka Dee?!)

Despite the attempts of Toadie Rebecchi to send her packing, Andrea Somers wants to stick around in Erinsborough and see her and Toadie's baby son, Hugo.

Although he's aware he could be treading on dangerous ground by getting involved, Dr Karl Kennedy decides to approach Andrea to find out what she may (or may NOT) know about Toadie's 'dead' first wife, Dee Bliss.

Andrea agrees to be put under hypnosis, and taken back to that fateful day in Hobart in 2009 when a mystery man mistook her for a woman called 'Karen', who might really be Dee!

But the hypnosis session takes an alarming turn when Andrea starts to speak in a child-like voice and has a terrified reaction. WHAT has she remembered? Or could she be faking her whole performance?

Neighbours, Roxy Willis

'Anyone wanna buy a STOLEN racehorse?' (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Roxy Willis is finally back in the good books of her 'Uncle P' (aka Paul Robinson) and she turns on the charm to try and convince the businessman to buy her boyfriend Vance Abernethy's racehorse... unaware the prized animal is stolen!

Will unsuspecting Paul agree to buy the racehorse as a surprise present for girlfriend, Terese Willis?

Neighbours, Terese Willis, Vance Abernethy

Terese and Vance reminisce about their past romance... (Picture: Channel 5)

But little does Paul know that Terese has another man on her mind at the moment, her rugged ex-lover Vance who is now dating Roxy.

After another charged encounter between Terese and Vance in the kitchen at Number 22, in which they reminisce about their past romance, Terese remains alarmed by the possibility she's still got the hots for Vance!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5