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Neighbours spoilers: Can Jane Harris and Clive Gibbons hide their secret?

Neighbours, Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons
(Image credit: Channel 5)

Naughty! Jane Harris and Clive are mortified after they wake-up in bed together on Neighbours. But can they keep their one-night stand a secret from Sheila?

It's the morning after the night before for Jane Harris (played by Annie Jones) and Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) who have unexpectedly found themselves in bed together after the Christmas party on Neighbours! (1:45pm/5:30pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings)

The friends agree that their night together was a drunken mistake.

In a panic, Jane hustles Clive out of the house before anyone else finds out what's going on.

And that includes unsuspecting neighbour, Sheila Canning (Colette Mann), who still has her sights set on getting back together with her ex, Clive!

Can Jane and Clive keep their one-night stand a secret from Sheila?

Neighbours, Toadie Rebecchi

Neighbours, Audrey Hamilton

Will Toadie discover the truth about Audrey's anonymous donation to the charity foundation on Neighbours?

Meanwhile, scheming Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) is still plotting to break-up the blossoming romance between Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Maloney) and hospital nurse, Audrey Hamilton (Zahra Newman).

Nicolette is worried it is only a matter of time before legal eagle Toadie discovers the truth behind Audrey's donation of $50,000 to his charity foundation.

If the truth comes out, everyone will discover how Audrey and Nicolette really got their hands on such a large amount of money and the details of the lottery card scandal they were involved in back in Canberra.

However, a guilty Audrey is already close to breaking point.

Is she about to confess ALL to Toadie?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm/5:30pm on Channel 5