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Neighbours spoilers: Kirsha Rebecchi makes a shock confession to Shane

The Sharma-Rebecchi's 'Christmas in July' photoshoot for their Face of Lassiters poster in Neighbours.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Christmas, everybody. Love from the Sharma-Rebecchi family. <strong>Don't miss <a href="/neighbours-home/" data-source-seowords>Neighbours</a> from Monday 28th May on Channel 5</strong>

There's chaos for the Sharma-Rebecchi family at the Christmas In July campaign, and in the aftermath Kirsha tells her dad Shane a shock secret...

Things don't go quite as planned at the Christmas In July campaign at Lassiter's when the Sharma-Rebecchi's dog Clancy ends up on the loose, trying to eat the turkey and knocking over the Christmas tree. It's a disaster!

But there's more trouble to come when Kirsha confesses to dad Shane that she was the one who vandalised the promotional posters because she's worried she'll be bullied at school again because her family were chosen as the Face of Lassiter's. So the culprit wasn't Yashvi's racist rival Marisa after all! Shane, however, still thinks Marisa deserved being sacked from Lassiter's after the way she previously bullied Yashvi, and urges Kirsha to keep the secret to herself.

Meanwhile, desperate dad Gary is still furious at the terrible effect Finn has had on Xanthe, following the seizure which could jeopardise her future medical career. Gary tracks down Finn's former prison mate, Jeremy who agrees to help Gary track down fugitive Finn. However, there's a price for his services. Gary must look after a stash of stolen cash for Jeremy. But if Gary is caught with the money, he could end-up being sent back to prison...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5