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Neighbours spoilers: Piper Willis leaves Ramsay Street!

Neighbours, Piper Willis

Having reached a BIG decision about the future, Piper packs her bags, farewells her family (and lover Leo) and leaves Erinsborough...

After her showdown with sister Imogen, Piper Willis has reached a big decision to leave Ramsay Street! Imogen hit home when she claimed Piper has lost direction in her life. Fired-up by her sister's words, Piper is determined to head off on a new life adventure. But first she has some unfinished business. What to do about friend-with-benefits Leo Tanaka?

And, despite falling out with mum Terese recently, Piper has some parting words of warning for Terese: Be careful in your relationship with Paul! So off Piper goes. First stop is Adelaide, where she reunites with someone very special indeed. But who is it?

Meanwhile, don't you just hate it when you've planned a special moment to propose to your girlfriend and then your son, who also happens to be the ex-boyfriend of your now girlfriend, unexpectedly arrives home and ruins everything? That's sort of how Gary Canning is feeling after the surprise return of his son Kyle just as he was popping the question to Amy Williams!

While Sheila is thrilled to have her grandson Kyle back home again from Germany, Gary and Amy can't help feel suspicious when they discover Amy's devious dad Paul Robinson has offered handyman Kyle a job at the Robinson Pines property development - the same job which Amy just quit!

Neighbours, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning

Surprise! Sheila is thrilled to see grandson Kyle again (Picture: Channel 5)

Neighbours, Amy Williams, Gary Canning

Amy and Gary are suspicious when they find out Paul has offered Kyle a job at Robinson Pines (Picture: Channel 5)

Is the timing a coincidence or has Paul found a way to break up Gary and Amy's relationship?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5