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Neighbours spoilers: Romance for Toadie Rebecchi and Audrey Hamilton!

Neighbours, Toadie Rebecchi, Audrey Hamilton
(Image credit: Channel 5)

Sealed with a kiss! But WHO isn't happy about the blossoming romance between Toadie Rebecchi and Audrey on today's episode of Neighbours?

It looks like romance could be blossoming between Toadie Rebecchi (played by Ryan Maloney) and Audrey Hamilton (Zahra Newman) on Neighbours (1:00pm/5:30pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings)

However, there's one person who isn't happy about the latest Ramsay Street romance: Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes)...

Neighbours, Nicolette Stone

Nicolette is not happy about Toadie and Audrey's blossoming romance on Neighbours

Nicolette had hoped to have sent her frenemy, Audrey, packing from Erinsborough by now.

She is worried the truth will come out about hospital nurse Audrey's anonymous donation of $50,000 to Toadie's charity foundation... which would expose both Audrey and Nicolette for the dodgy way the nurses originally got their hands on such a large amount of money.

So when Nicolette sees Toadie and Audrey enjoying a romantic picnic together, she decides something must be done about the situation...

Neighbours, Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson

Before he left Erinsborough, Pierce warned Chloe about Nicolette on Neighbours

Meanwhile, Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) is not sure what to do about her estranged husband, Pierce Greyson's departing warning to beware of Nicolette's motives.

With Nicolette currently offering to have a baby for Chloe's older brother, Aaron (Matt Wilson) and his husband, David Tanaka (Takaya Honda), Chloe decides to share her worries with the fellas.

Even though Aaron and David are both determined to become dads, will Chloe's warning scare 'em off their arrangement with Nicolette?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:00pm/5:30pm on Channel 5