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Neighbours spoilers: There's a SHOCK for Sheila Canning!

Neighbours, Sheila Canning
(Image credit: Channel 5)

Sheila Canning gets more than she bargained for during a visit to the Flame Tree Retreat on Neighbours. WHO gives Sheila a shock?

Sheila Canning (played by Colette Mann) is thrilled when her grandson, Kyle (Chris Milligan) returns home from his trip to Germany on Neighbours (1:45pm/5:30pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings).

However, despite being greeted by Sheila and his girlfriend, Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson), Kyle remains devastated over the death of his beloved dog, Bossy, who has been living in Germany with Kyle's ex-girlfriend, Georgia Brooks.

Neighbours, Kyle Canning, Roxy Willis, Sheila Canning

Kyle returns from Germany and is devastated after the death of his beloved pooch, Bossy on Neighbours

Sheila starts to worry about Kyle's mental health and decides to pop to the Flame Tree Retreat to look into some alternative therapies that might help boost Kyle's mood.

But Sheila is in for a SHOCK when she accidentally bumps into two of the spa guests...

Meanwhile, Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland) makes a risky move by throwing a private gambling session at Number 24.

Hendrix and his buddy, Jay Rebecchi (Dhruv Malge) think they can cheat the other players and win BIG again.

Neighbours, Hendrix Greyson, Kane Jones

Is Kane about to rumble Hendrix and Jay on Neighbours?

However, bad boy opponent, Kane Jones (Barry Conrad) starts to become suspicious as Hendrix continues on his winning streak.

Are Hendrix and Jay about to be caught out?

Neighbours, Nicolette Stone, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka

Nicolette is still trying to make things right with David on Neighbours

Elsewhere on Ramsay Street, Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) is still determined to get back in housemate, David Tanaka's (Takaya Honda) good books.

She really wants the planned co-parenting arrangement with David and his husband, Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) to go ahead.

But is Nicolette fighting a losing battle as disapproving David continues to avoid spending time with her?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm/5:30pm on Channel 5