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Neighbours spoilers: Susan Kennedy and sister Liz Conway both make SHOCK discoveries!

Neighbours, Liz Conway, Susan Kennedy

Susan's obsession with twisted Finn could see her face jail time. Meanwhile, her sister Liz snoops through daughter Bea's journal

Susan Kennedy's future still hangs in the balance after she was suspended from her job as Principal of Erinsborough High School after pushing nasty former teacher Finn Kelly off a cliff!

Susan could be facing charges of attempted murder and a prison sentence, despite the fact she was defending her nieces Elly Conway and Bea Nilsson and student Xanthe Canning at the time.

Susan's lawyer and friend Toadie Rebecchi has warned her to keep a distance from Finn, and stop visiting him in hospital where he remains in a coma. But after meeting Finn's brother Shaun and learning of Finn's terrible kidnap ordeal in South America, Susan feels even more drawn to the troubled soul.

However, when Toadie discovers Susan has visited Finn again, he warns her she may have now seriously jeopardised their case and she could be facing lengthy jail time...

Neighbours, Susan Kennedy

Is Susan heading for the slammer? (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Liz Conway still isn't doing a very good job of building bridges with her daughters Elly and Bea. Unfortunately, Liz doesn't really do herself any favours when she decides to have a snoop through Bea's secret journal and is shocked to discover the harsh truth about what Bea really thinks about her!

Elsewhere, Gary Canning's friends and family turn their backs on him after his accidental attack on neighbour Dipi Rebecchi.

Sinking to a new low, Gary realises he never would have never ended up on such a dark path if it hadn't been for Finn previously trying to run down his daughter, Xanthe.

With hatred in his heart, Gary makes his way to the hospital to deal with Finn once and for all...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5