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Neighbours spoilers: Terese Willis and Leo Tanaka kiss?

Neighbours, Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka

Unable to fight his feelings for Terese any longer, smitten Leo tells the Lassiters boss lady how he is falling for her! How will Terese react?

So far only Leo's buddy Ned knows about his secret crush on his dad Paul's ex, Terese. To tease Leo, tattoo artist Ned comes up with Terese-inspired tattoo design for him. Unfortunately, Leo leaves the tattoo design in his pile of paperwork at Lassiters, and when boss lady Terese sees it, she gets the wrong idea and thinks Ned must have secret feelings for her. Awkward!

Realising he has to say something before Terese confronts Ned, Leo blurts out his true emotions! Will Terese respond with a kiss? And what will happen if Paul catches them?

There's trouble for the Sharma-Rebecchi marriage after Shane's bullying behaviour, which has led to the family losing their Face of Lassiter's contract and having a performance of Dipi's beloved musical Flapper cancelled. Shane realises he has messed up. But it looks like he'll be sleeping on the sofa for a while longer!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5