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Neighbours spoilers: Will Paul Robinson find out David Tanaka's SHOCK secret?

Neighbours, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

David is hiding a BIG secret from dad Paul that he would strongly disapprove of. WHO is David planning to visit at a maximum security prison?

David Tanaka and his hubby Aaron Brennan have been acting super secret since they returned home from their holiday... and housemate Roxy Willis is determined to do some snooping and find out what the couple are up to!

After overhearing a phone call in which David excitedly learns he is going to meet with a mystery person, Roxy jumps to the conclusion that David and Aaron are planning to foster a child.

It's not long before David's twin brother Leo gets involved and wants to know what's going on. But he's in for a SHOCK when he discovers his sibling has been calling a maximum security prison and has a particular interest in a particular prisoner. But WHO?

Just as David, Aaron, Leo and Roxy are discussing the shock secret, dad Paul Robinson walks in and wants to know what's going on. Will David come clean about his prison plans?

Neighbours, Aaron Brennan, Roxy Willis, David Tanaka

Roxy gets the wrong idea about David's secret plans. (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Chloe Brennan faces the fallout from Pierce Greyson and Ebony Buttrose's break-up, after the discovery Ebony has done a runner with Pierce's money after becoming suspicious about the lingering feelings between former lovers Chloe and Pierce.

However, it doesn't look like there's much chance of the ex-lovers picking-up where they left off, when Pierce tells Chloe he wants nothing more to do with her!

Neighbours, Amy Williams

Amy was shocked by Gary's outburst about having a baby. (Picture: Channel 5)

And Gary Canning and fiancee Amy Williams are also at odds, after Amy overheard Gary telling his mum Sheila he doesn't want to have a baby with her once they are married.

Is the issue of a baby a deal-breaker for Amy? And does this mean their relationship could soon be on the rocks again... much to the delight of Amy's disapproving dad Paul?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5