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Noakes pushes Rob too far...

(Image credit: BBC)

With Weston still at large, Supt. Noakes accuses Rob of being in cahoots with him. Rob laughs off Noakes's insinuation, but he pushes Rob even further when he alleges that he doesn't care that kids are being abused. Rob violently launches himself at Noakes but Larkin pulls him back. Later, Karen tells him his career might now be over.

Noakes also questions Jimmy and brings up his past relationships, but Emma is called in as Jimmi descends into a full-blown panic attack. Noakes has no sympathy and suspends Jimmi from his police surgeon duties.

Meanwhile, back at The Mill, Al tells Niamh he's taking a couple of weeks leave to go on a residential course. She suppresses her sadness and asks him to say goodbye before he leaves. As Al is saying goodbye to Niamh they have a friendly hug and end up accidently kissing each other on the lips, leaving them both unsure how to react.