One Day That Changed My Life – BBC1

One Day That Changed My Life BBC1
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Following people as they go through pivotal experiences, beginning with couple awaiting news on a brewery venture they've invested in

This new five-part daytime series follows four people each day as they face a real life-changing moment.

Chad and Alison (pictured above) have invested every penny they own into a new brewery venture.

Now, they're pitching to a big stockist that will make or break their fledging business.

Meanwhile, Laura is retraining as a train driver.

One Day That Changed My Life BBC1

Former nurse Laura hopes to change direction and become a train driver

She's about to take her big final exam to keep her new career on track.

Elsewhere, former musician Carol is preparing for a cochlear implant after losing her hearing

And Izzy waits on the planning department to discover whether her dream of opening her own trampolining centre has been approved.

Narrated by Jo Joyner, the series continues tomorrow.

TV Times rating: ***