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Orangutan Jungle School - C4

(Image credit: Pro Co)

At an orangutan rehabilitation centre in Borneo rescued orphans learn vital life skills before being released back into the wild

Expect to fall in love with the orphaned orangutans in this heart-warming series following a special school in Borneo that prepares them for survival in the wild.

Most of the pupils at the school run by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation have lost their mothers to poachers and, since they learn by example, would die if left to survive in the rainforests alone.


Beni's at Jungle School clinic

This week, the dedicated staff teach their pupils how to forage for food high up in the forest canopies, how to crack coconuts and even how to avoid venomous snakes.

There’s also a moving moment when teenage mother Clara is gently shown how to take care of her new baby.

TV Times rating: *****