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Outback Vet - Eden

Rick Fenny

Australia is the setting for Outback Vet, a new documentary series following a family of vets who work and live in an often hostile environment

Imagine The Yorkshire Vet but with much better weather and slightly more exotic animals (don’t think you’d get a shark turning up at Skeldale) and you’ve got Outback Vet, Eden’s new series following three vets in Western Australia (Monday, 7pm, see our TV Guide for full details).


Vet Lu Fenny

Keeping it in the family: daughter Lu is a vet too

Rick Fenny, 70, and his children, fellow vet Lu, and marine biologist son Rick care for all manner of creatures in this often hostile part of Oz, and the illnesses and injuries are not that run-of-the-mill – snake bites and stonefish stings?

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This first episode sees a depressed gecko, a lost thorny devil (that’s a spiky lizard to you and me) and an injured dog all getting attention. Continues daily until Thursday.

TV Times rating: ***