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Phoebe discovers Brax is alive!

A suspicious Phoebe goes through Ash's emails and realises Brax is still alive. She rushes off to confront her boyfriend, but Ricky overhears the whole conversation. Meanwhile, Nate is waiting and plucking up courage to propose to his girlfriend.

As Irene and Olivia try to come to terms with their shared experience, Leah turns up and demands to know what is on Irene's mind. Irene emotionally tells Leah about her abusive past. The next morning, Irene and Olivia decide to face their demons together and go to therapy. Leah thinks about the shared emotion between Olivia and Irene, and realises Olivia has also been abused. Meanwhile, alone at home, Irene becomes emotional when she cradles a baby’s blanket from the past.

Chris is thrilled when he finds out he will be a brides-man and decides to organise a barbecue to celebrate. There's only one problem - Hannah's not sure she loves him, especially with things between her and Andy still unresolved.