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Searching for Mum - BBC2

(Image credit: BBC/Raw TV/William Lorimer)

Two women adopted from South Asia search for their birth families - Ria and Rebecca hope to find answers as they return to Sri Lanka

Abandoned outside a hospital in Sri Lanka, Rebecca (pictured above) was three months old when she was adopted by a British couple and taken to live in the UK.

In the first of a two-part series following adoptees, Rebecca, now 38 years old and a mum of four, sets off on an emotionally charged journey back to Sri Lanka where she hopes to find her birth mother.

‘I have always felt a big part of me was missing,’ says Rebecca, who has already made two previous visits to the country but with no success.

Searching for Mum - shows Ria

Ria Sioan holds an image of birth mother

Meanwhile, 27-year-old Ria from Scotland – one of 11,000 babies also adopted from Sri Lanka – is on a separate mission to find her birth mother.

Powerful viewing.

TV Times rating: *****