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Seven Worlds, One Planet - BBC1

Pumas on the prowl
(Image credit: BBC NHU)

Seven Worlds, One Planets' survey of the Earth's continents touches down in South America, home to a bewildering diversity of creatures… some under threat

“Life for a hunter in this land is as hard as it gets,” says David Attenborough as BBC Studios Seven Worlds, One Planet resumes and we watch a mother puma try to take down her prey – a guanaco – a type of camel that is two metres tall and three times her weight (Sunday, 6.20pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

A male mimic poison dart frog

A male mimic poison dart frog

It takes extraordinary courage, determination and power to feed her vulnerable family.

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The location for tonight’s stunning episode is South America, a diverse and extreme continent that holds the best and worst habitats on the planet.

As well as fearless pumas, the intrepid camera crews capture plucky Humboldt penguins, dazzling tree frogs and scarlet macaws, plus a terrifying anaconda stalking its monkey prey.

It also captures the devastation of the forests as an area the size of a football pitch disappears every five seconds.

TV Times rating: *****