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Linford Christie Sink or Swim For Stand Up to Cancer
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A group of famous faces take to the water and swim the English Channel for charity in C4’s Sink or Swim For Stand Up to Cancer

Move over David Walliams – TV’s latest fund-raising challenge sees a group of famous faces, many of them non-swimmers, teaming up to swim the English Channel in aid of charity in C4’s Sink or Swim For Stand Up to Cancer.

They include Olympian Linford Christie (pictured above), TOWIE’s James Argent, singer Simon Webbe and Corrie star Sair Khan.

Their journey will be charted in this four-part series.

Episode one was not available to preview, but we’re expecting a training montage, serious team bonding and a few tears.

David Walliams swam the Channel solo, while this lot will be taking turns in the water.

Sair Khan Sink of Swim for Stand Up to Cancer

Corrie’s Sair Khan will be practising her doggy paddle for C4’s Sink or Swim For Stand Up to Cancer

‘When I got in the pool for my assessment, I said I could do breaststroke.

‘They laughed and told me, “That’s doggy paddle!”,’ says Sair, who plays Alya Nazir in Corrie.

The 31-year-old actress says she had personal reasons for signing up.

‘I’ve experienced loss, and have a lot of friends who have gone through cancer treatment,’ she explains.

‘I wanted to do something to show solidarity, and it’s a cathartic experience for myself.’

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Sair has been doing intensive training since the beginning of July, and admits that it’s been tough so far.

‘There have been massive ups and downs,’ she reveals.

‘I’ve struggled, and there have been a lot of tears!’

Swimming the Channel – or at least, part of it – is quite something to tick off your bucket list.

So what new challenge is Sair looking forward to next?

‘I’m done after this!’ she laughs.

‘I’d love to be one of those people who say, “I’m going to climb Everest next.”

'But I’m not!’

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