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How to Spend It Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield – ITV

How to Spend it Well at Christmas - shows Phillip Schofield

How to Spend it Well at Christmas sees host Phillip Schofield rate some of the latest must-have toys, along with guests including Corrie's Simon Gregson

Dread Christmas shopping? Fear not – Phillip Schofield is back with a three-part guide to what to put under the tree and what to leave on the shelves.

Today he investigates the year’s most coveted toys, like Poopsie Unicorn (yes, it does exactly what you think!), and reveals how expensive seemingly cheap collectibles could be.

While stars including Coronation Street's Simon Gregson and actress Sally Phillips and their kids test board games and retro computer games, Phillip has fun helping gleeful kids prove whether slime, modelling clay or felt tips cause the most mess!

Don’t part with your cash without watching.

How to Spend It Well at Christmas

Phillip with a toy tester playing with one of the contenders for this year's must have toys at Christmas

Once again, the series will see Phillip testing the latest toys and gizmos, and food and drink, to reveal what we should and shouldn’t buy for 25 December.

Here, Phillip tells us more…

What do you love about the show? This is the second Christmas one we’ve done and it’s fun and helpful. Last Christmas people said, ‘This is brilliant, I’ve sorted all my presents.’ And today someone on Twitter said, ‘Please tell me it’s coming back, because I haven’t bought anything yet!’

The first episode focuses on toys. What stood out for you? I tried some Segway e-skates, which were great, but the fun police have stopped them being used in parks! Riding on a giant toy unicorn was fun, too. We also look at Poopsie Unicorn, which poos glitter. It’s absurd but each to their own!

We know you love a Christmas gadget! Which ones do you want to find in your stocking? Gadgets are my thing! I have to crawl under the tree to turn off my Christmas lights but we try out a smart plug that turns them off at the touch of a button so I’m having one. Also, as everybody knows, I’m a wine fan and we found a magnetic decanter cleaner that’s cheap and effective. I’ve dropped the biggest hints!

TV Times rating: ****