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Stan and Cora are all set to marry!

Tina is frustrated when Shirley and Mick refuse to be in the same room together on the day of Stan and Cora's wedding. After some tough words from Tina, Shirley turns up with Buster but they're soon arguing with Mick. Meanwhile, Babe brings Sylvie to visit Stan and they say an emotional goodbye. When Cora sees them, Babe delights in telling her their secret - but Cora isn't put off marrying Stan. Furious with Babe, Stan is nasty to her and she leaves. The wedding ceremony begins, but it's too much for Stan, who is in terrible pain, and things are stopped before Stan and Cora can marry.

Carol is shock when she gets a phone call to say her dad Jim has passed away. Meanwhile, Martin decides to tell Sonia the truth about losing their home after Ian encourages him to be honest. Sonia doesn't have time to take it in, however, as they're interrupted by Carol with the terrible news about Jim.

Max is intrigued when a glamorous blonde, Karin, turns up in the Square looking for Phil. After intercepting Karin, Max makes a business deal with her and they end up back at Max's. When Phil sees Karin with Max he congratulates Jay on helping to set up Max!

Also, Kat and Alfie try to reassure the social worker that they're capable parents.