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Susan sees Karl helping Sarah

In the aftermath of the Lassiters explosion, Karl knocks on a hotel room door and there are shocks all round when Sarah Beaumont opens it. Karl's eager to get her out of the hotel, but she's sprained her ankle, so Karl takes it upon himself to swoop Sarah into his arms and carry her – but on the way they bump in to Susan. Uh oh...

Amy resuscitates Kyle following his electrocution. The SES manage to get them both out but Sheila's joy is short lived as Amy reveals that Kyle has reunited with Georgia. Later, Sheila gives Kyle some home truths – Georgia left him, Amy would never do that. Kyle goes back to Amy asking for another chance - she flatly refuses but later cries on Sheila.

Piper arrives and it's left to Brad to deliver the horrible truth that Josh is dead. Piper is devastated and admits to Paige that she can't stop thinking about Chas - could he have played a part in the explosion? Meanwhile, Brad's distressed to discover no one knows where Doug is.