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The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury – ITV

The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury explores the picturesque Greek islands, starting with Crete, in her new ITV travel series The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury

Being half Greek herself, Julia Bradbury is looking forward to visiting the beautiful Greek islands to explore her mother’s culture and her own heritage in ITV’s The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury.

 She begins in Crete, the largest island, known for its rugged and wild beauty.

After visiting a sheep and goat farmer high in the Dikti Mountains, she travels to the coastal town of Rethymno to see how the delicious baklava is made.

She also meets Nico who makes the Cretan lyra, a violin-like instrument that is said to be the soundtrack to Crete.

Finally, she visits the tragic island of Spinalonga, also known as the island of tears, which was Europe’s last leper colony.

During the series, she takes in 10 of the thousands of islands, and immerses herself in the country’s traditions, from trying on a seven-layer wedding dress to climbing a 1,500-year-old olive tree.

The Greek islands with Julia Bradbury

Julia meets filo pastry bakers in Crete in the first of The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury on ITV

She also looks at the impact plastic pollution is having on the islands, especially on the work of many fishermen who live there.

While there’s a serious message behind some of the stories Julia shares, you’ll also find yourself blown away by the stunning scenery and mouth-watering dishes she tries.

Be warned, the series will soon have you packing your suitcase.

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TV Times rating: ****