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The hated Gabriella returns!

(Image credit: BBC/Shed Productions (WR) Ltd/Alan Peebles)

The normally rowdy students of Waterloo Road are left speechless when former pupil Gabriella Wark returns to the school this week. They’re not quiet for long, however, and soon Gabriella finds herself being bullied by troublemakers Shaznay and Lisa…

Gabriella insists she’s back at the school to make amends for the past, but no one is sure whether she’s telling the truth. Gabriella is highly unpopular because she ruined popular pupil Kacey Barry’s boxing chances at the Common Wealth Games last term - and even some of the teachers turn a blind eye to the bullying!

Tragedy strikes when vengeful Shaznay and Lisa gatecrash a party at lonely Gabriella’s home, and Gabriella ends up falling into the pool unconscious. Kacey manages to save the unpopular schoolgirl, but will it lead to a new chapter between the two classmates?

Elsewhere, the chemistry between married science teacher Sue and womanising PE teacher Hector comes to a head. Sue shares a passionate kiss with Hector but stops short of sleeping with him.

Vaughan takes his sons to visit his ex-wife Olga at the clinic, and eldest son Justin witnesses his parents kissing!

Meanwhile, Justin and Tiffany grow closer under their parents’ noses…