The Hidden Kingdoms of China - National Geographic Wild

A giant panda and cub
(Image credit: Alamy Stock Photo)

The Hidden Kingdoms of China is a breathtaking look at the natural world in this huge and massively varied country

We may have been spoilt by David Attenborough’s breathtaking wildlife shows, but very occasionally another will come along to equal it (Sunday, 6pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

A predatory bird

It's not all pandas and bamboo in China

In the first of this five-part series looking at China’s natural world, time-lapse photography captures China’s most prolific plant, the bamboo, a symbol of Oriental beauty.

There are 500 types of bamboo and numerous animals depend on it, including the giant panda.

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The panda feeds on 60 of the most nutritious types and needs 90lbs of it daily.

To see the panda in its natural habitat is a rare treat and the footage of a mother and her cub, grazing, grooming and growing, ramps up the cute factor to 10.

TV Times rating: ****

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