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Toadie is knocked unconscious

Toadie and Sonya take Nell to the Child Care Centre's grand opening day but lose sight of her just when the bouncy castle starts to move in the wind. Scared Nell is trapped in the castle, Toadie jumps inside. But when it bucks off the ground again he falls, unnoticed by anyone, until Naomi spots him lying unconscious.

Tyler's forced to accept when Russell offers to lend a hand at the garage. When Tyler knocks over the oil tin he prepares for Russell to lose his temper, but is surprised when his dad explains it was an accident. Later, Russell makes an emotional plea – he wants the four of them to be a family again but needs Tyler to gives him a chance. 

Josh panics when he gets the request from Amber to get Young Mum's mobile number and confides in Aaron, who gives him a spare mobile and tells him he's texted Amber under 'Young Mum 97'. Josh finds Amber upset about her unanswered calls and he is left with no other choice but to text Amber as Phoebe, explaining she can't take calls at work.