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Treasure Island with Bear Grylls - C4

Bear Grylls with a box full of money

In Treasure Island with Bear Grylls, the adventurer takes 12 strangers to a Pacific Island and tempts them with money

Treasure Island with Bear Grylls is, unsurprisingly, a re-imagined version of the adventurer's hit C4 show, The Island.

The six-part series sees 12 strangers stranded on a remote Pacific Ocean island for a month. But there’s a twist: £100,000 is stashed in secret locations and islanders are forced to battle the elements – and each other – to find the hidden treasure.

(L-R) Marco, Mano, Elissa, Emily, Jim, Cat, Bear, Morag, Irene, Jack, Ivar, Ruby and Ben.

Bear introduces the contestants hoping to find £100,000

But only those who make it to the end of the series can leave with their share of the loot.

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Will they work together to find it, or will they leave the weakest links behind? Or will they even attempt to go it alone?

Expect plenty of mud, sweat and tears.

TV Times rating: ****