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Two Doors Down

Neighbour Sophie (Sharon Rooney) pops round to Beth’s (Arabella Weir)
(Image credit: BBC)

Neighbour Sophie (Sharon Rooney) pops round to Beth's (Arabella Weir)

It’s all round to Beth and Eric’s when an alarm disturbs everyone’s sleep. 'Tell me exactly how I’ve ended up frying sausages at four in the morning,' says Beth (Arabella Weir) to her husband Eric (Alex Norton).

But regular viewers will know there's nothing unusual about the pair having to entertain ungrateful neighbours. And unfortunately for Beth, she has to get the kettle on in the wee small hours, as a car alarm wakes up the neighbourhood.

It's quite astonishing how people basically annoying each other for 30 minutes can end up being such a warm-hearted comedy, and it's testament to the quality of the writing and acting that arguments over brown sauce can be so entertaining.

If you've never ventured to Latimer Crescent, maybe it's time to give it a go.