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Val’s headstone arrives! (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

At the church graveyard, David and co are waiting to witness the arrival of Val's headstone, and they're taken aback when they see how big it is. The driver is ready to put it in place – but there's a problem, Pollard has vanished…

As the news of Paddy's affair with Tess spreads around the village, it reaches Vanessa, who's gobsmacked by the vet's betrayal. She's stunned to hear Rhona intends to continue with their plans to adopt in the light of such a bombshell having been thrown at her marriage. Later, Rhona grits her teeth and talks to Paddy, telling him he's needed round at their house as the social worker is due for a chat about the adoption. Having told Paddy their marriage is done, can heartbroken Rhona keep up the happily married act in front of Rita?

When Cain's car goes missing he's sure Charity and Ross are behind it. But he soon realises he's got that wrong when someone speeds past him behind the wheel of his motor! Urging Moira to give chase, the couple manage to catch up with the car and are stunned when the driver turns out to be Moira’s estranged daughter, Holly!