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Valerie breaks down...

(Image credit: BBC)

Valerie decides to dress up as Marilyn Monroe for the photo shoot and gives a performance of 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend'. Karen tries to get Valerie to look on the brighter side of life; if her contract ends in January she can focus on her health more. Under stress Valerie emotionally breaks and tells everyone about her cancer. Feeling guilty, Mrs Tembe and Niamh try to comfort her.

After finding out about Valerie’s cancer, Daniel doesn’t understand how Al didn’t pick it up when examining her. Daniel confronts Al about his examinations but Al already diagnosed her with hypochondria. An unimpressed Daniel informs Al it's not hypochondria and it is cancer. The room goes silent and Daniel leaves. Has Al screwed up by missing vital clues?

Also, positive thinking has worked for author Faye Durran... but doesn’t seem to work for her ex-husband Adam Coltrane.