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Valerie is left out of the loop

(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Will Valerie forgive Ayesha, Karen and Ruhma for keeping her in the dark?

Valerie and Ayesha share another healthy lunch together when Valerie asks what's going on with Ruhma. Ayesha refuses to give anything away, leaving Valerie feeling like an outsider in the workplace and among her friends. Will this have an impact on Ayesha and Valerie's friendship?

Meanwhile, Al calls an emergency meeting with Emma and Jimmi to discuss the time wasters that have been visiting The Mill. Al says he's come up with a plan to stop them coming in and performs a weird one-man drama where he pretends to be James Bond with a Sean Connery accent leaving them both perplexed. In fact, Emma and Jimmi are left so confused by Al, they tell him to stop wasting their time!

Later, Emma and Jimmi have a heart to heart and realise that the time wasters may be coming to The Mill because they are lonely. Could Emma and Jimmi be right and how can they tackle this?