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Vincent takes revenge on Fatboy

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Vincent finds out how Fatboy has behaved towards Donna and is furious. Protective of his sister, Vincent menacingly confronts Fatboy. Things take a nasty turn when Vincent locks Fatboy in a cupboard to teach him a lesson.

Mick tells Linda that Dean may be in danger. When Buster and Shirley realise that something serious is going on, they rush over to Ronnie's. Finding a shaken Dean, they are horrified when he reveals Ronnie spiked his drink with tranquilisers. As Shirley squares up to Ronnie, Roxy intervenes. Later, Roxy warns Dean to be careful of Ronnie, letting slip Ronnie has killed someone before...

Shirley finds out that Mick knew about Ronnie's plan, but failed to warn her earlier. While Mick shares a heart-warming speech about the family, Shirley confronts him, forcing him to own up. An enraged Buster punches Mick for putting Dean in danger.

Also, Honey talks to Les about her relationship with Billy. When she tells Billy she's not sure about moving to Walford, Billy asks Ronnie for help, who suggests Honey and the kids move in with her.