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Wanted - ITV

Angelina Jolie shoots from a moving car
(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

James McAvoy learns his true destiny in this pacy thrill ride. 3/5 stars

With the help of sultry Angelina Jolie and sinister Morgan Freeman, both of whom seem to be up to no good at all, McAvoy is in for a wild ride as he transforms himself from a slacker office worker into a tough-as-nails enforcer of justice.

It seems that McAvoy's deceased dad worked for The Fraternity, a centuries-old society of trained assassins, and now they want McAvoy on the payroll.

With all the beatings, killings and shootings, it's not exactly a refined comic-book adaptation, but it's an ultra-slick, non-stop barrage of thrills, spills and breathtakingly incredible effects, with characters making gravity-defying leaps between skyscrapers, guided bullets seeking their targets round corners and speeding cars being flipped over the top of any and every obstacle.

It's utterly preposterous and incredibly enjoyable - and all three stars make the most of wonderful roles for them.

This film starts at 11.35pm on UTV.