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West End star Ricky Delaine comes to The Mill!

(Image credit: BBC)

Anthony tells Valerie to smarten herself up and Niamh is angry until Al quietens her down by telling her what Anthony has planned. West End star Ricky Delaine is coming to see Valerie. Ricky arrives and as Valerie walks in to the staff room she screams, and falls into Anthony's arms. Her scream resonates around the building, infuriating Al.

Later, Karen and Niamh find Al and Ricky discussing Battlestar Galactica. Before he leaves, Ricky gives Valerie a Valentine's card, and Al admits that he was wrong, and that Ricky was alright.

Ayesha goes home, hoping to start Bren off on the road to sobriety, but when she gets there she's on the sofa with an unknown man with some cans strewn around. Bren introduces Ike, and Ayesha asks him to leave but, when Bren tells her he is her new lodger, Ayesha despairs.