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What really happened – flashback to Lucy's murder

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

We go back to Good Friday, 2014... Lucy Beale is texting Peter asking him to get her some cocaine. After dropping by the fish shop, where she finds Billy pilfering the stock, Lucy hops on a bus to the flats she's managing. Unknown to Lucy, she's being followed by Jay.

At the flats, Lucy is confronted by Jay - and Ben - who wants to know why she didn't meet up with him so they could leave for Miami. When Lucy's client 'Mr Jones' arrives, Ben and Jay hide. Lucy's exasperated to see her 'client' is actually a drunk Jake. Seeing her chance to escape an angry Ben, Lucy takes Jake back to the Square in a taxi. Asking Max to help her get Jake into his flat, Lucy is accidentally whacked by Jake, causing her nose to bleed.

Lucy's night gets even worse when Ben mugs her for her wallet and phone, then Abi attacks her for sleeping with Max. Overhearing Denise talking to Chelsea on the phone about leaving Ian, Lucy bursts in, telling her to pack her things and get out. As they fight, an upset Bobby listens. Later that night, Lucy writes a mystery note. When Jane gets a call from the Beales' she rushes over to find Bobby standing over Lucy's apparently dead body. Bobby is holding Lucy's jewellery box, claiming that Lucy "started it"...

Also, picks up Rainie when he heads out kerb-crawling. Ronnie meets up with an old acquaintance (Vincent). He's brought her the gun she asked for...