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Is Whitney pregnant in EastEnders?

EastEnders, Whitney Dean
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Whitney thinks she may be having Lee's baby, but meanwhile, Lee has a dirty secret...

Lauren encourages Whitney, Johnny and Abi to go on a night out with her to The Albert. After finding Johnny struggling to help Babe in the kitchen of The Vic, she gets an idea, suggesting Linda and Babe should give Abi her job back. At The Albert, Abi is sullen when she discovers Lauren begged for her job back. Drunkenly talking to Lee, Abi is taken home by Lauren, telling Lauren that she slept with Lee.

Meanwhile, Whitney returns home and looks at a pregnancy test...

Kyle questions Andy about the folder of cuttings on Danielle that he found in Andy’s belongings. Defensive, Andy snaps at Kyle, refusing to talk about it. Later on, Andy and Roxy share a kiss goodnight.

Pam is in a terrible state after Jenny’s arrival, wondering if she did the right thing not telling Paul that she kept back letters that his mum had sent to him. Struggling to hold it together, Pam tells Les that they should be honest with Paul.

Also, Denise finds it hard to keep her eyes off Kush during their training session.