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Who killed Robbo?

This episode revisits the night of the hit and run, revealing what happened...

Toadie discovers a threatening text from Robbo on Sonja's phone and heads off to confront him. Meanwhile, Mason slips inside the station and begins a search for Robbo's laptop. At the same time, Joshua and Chris meet Robbo and hand over eight grand as Robbo pretends to delete Ambers file.

Later, Joshua and Robbo cross paths and we go out on the sound of punches. Marty then confronts Robbo - and we see he means business. Later, Marty finds Lucas at the garage and hands over the money he lost. Back at the Willis', Imogen heads out to find Amber.

Driving around Erinsborough, Amber pulls over and confronts Robbo, who agrees to delete the file on the condition that Amber sleeps with him. Amber's repulsed but makes her way to the radio station and waits for Robbo. Some time later, Imogen sees a body lying motionless by the road. It's Robbo. She dials 000, giving his location but not her identity.

Back in the present day, Hudson emerges from the interview room, having given a full confession as we see the last piece of the puzzle showing that he ran Robbo down.