Wild Shetland - BBC2

Shetland crags
(Image credit: Fergus Gill/ Maramedia/BBC Scotland)

We're off to one of the far-flung corners of the British Isles, where nature is off the leash and at its best

Wild Shetland is a stunning nature documentary narrated by Ewan McGregor.

Previously shown on BBC1 Scotland, it's about the remote islands at the British Isles’ most northerly extremes.

In the course of a breeding season from Winter to Summer, we follow the animals battling for survival, including some never-before-seen footage of orcas, courting puffins, and a mother otter trying to protect her young.

A gannet pair

Island life: A gannet pair

We also follow human life on the isles, including the spectacular Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival.

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TV Times rating: ****