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Will anyone survive the Summer Bay explosion?

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

As the consequences of the explosion begin to unfold, Matt tries to free Maddy's arm, which is pinned under a large pylon. Meanwhile, Ash and Dom try their best to free Ricky, as new doctor Tori finds Roo and assures her that everything will be fine. Suddenly, Tori notices a dead body next to Roo and is stunned when Ash and Dom identify the body as Oscar. And when Evelyn is told she collapses with grief.

The emergency services free Maddy and Ricky and take them to the hospital. At the hospital, Nate's doctor's instincts kick in, but Tori promptly tells him to back off.

At the police station, Kat is frustrated that the Charlotte King murder enquiry has been closed due to Dylan's arrest. Kat takes a final look at the evidence bag and it clicks - she's finally figured out who killed Charlotte.

Irene has a knock on the door from a man called Mick, claiming to be Chris's Uncle. But when he overstays his welcome and Irene asks him to leave, things turn nasty…