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Will Harry survive the fall?

Holby's resident womaniser, Harry Tressler, has realised that Mary-Claire's 'the one' and, this week, as he discovers she's planning to take a job in Australia, Harry knows he must tell her how he feels before he loses her for good. At first, Harry tries to put his love life aside as he treats Grace, a patient with sickle cell anaemia, who's brought in by her boyfriend Elijah, who also has the disease. But Harry can’t get Mary-Claire out of his head and finally admits he's in love with her. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the reaction he’d hoped for when Mary-Claire laughs in his face!

Meanwhile, Elijah’s noticed Harry's been paying more attention to his own 'girlfriend' than Grace, so he gets into a window-cleaning cradle suspended from the building in protest - but when he then collapses, Harry’s forced to climb into the cradle to help him. Harry stabilises Elijah, who's rescued by the fire brigade, but then the cradle wire snaps and Harry's left hanging on by his fingertips. Then, disaster strikes when Harry loses grip and plummets to the ground! In a critical condition, Harry’s rushed into surgery, where Raf and Serena operate to save him as an anxious Mary-Claire looks on. Will Harry survive?

Meanwhile, tensions rise on Darwin following the death of Elliot's Kibo patient and Jonny is shocked to learn he's in the firing line. Can he depend on his colleagues to save him?

Also, Zosia and Arthur's attempts to hide their own vulnerabilities lead to some unfortunate misunderstandings on Keller.