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Without Limits: Australia – BBC1

Without Limits: Australia
(Image credit: BBC Studios)

The inspirational explorers conclude their amazing journey

To say this has been an emotional journey would be an understatement.

Now our wounded British and Aussie veterans are coming to the end of their epic expedition across Australia, with another four days of travel across rugged terrain during the day and camping in the bush at night still to go.

For some of the group, it has been a chance to prove that they are on the road to recovery, but for others, such as 23-year-old former aircraft technician Keanie Trick, there’s still a long road ahead.

Without Limits: Australia

Adventurers (L-R) Martin Hewitt, Shaun Stocker, Keanie Trick, Matt Tolson and Dean West

But we see it’s all been worth it, as the series concludes two months later with the vets sharing their experience with Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex at the start of the Invictus Games in Sydney.

TV Times rating: *****