Wonderful World of Animal Babies - Channel 5

Wonderful World of Animal Babies is on Channel 5 – because we all love a cute critter, right?

We can never get enough documentaries about baby animals, and Channel 5’s Wonderful World of Animal Babies is set to tip the cuteometer into overload!

Baby rhino with eland

Curious Granville gets too close to one of his neighours

At West Midlands Safari Park, three-week-old white rhino Granville is causing mayhem, as his inquisitive nature, coupled with very poor eyesight, is leading him into a few scrapes. And he's got no horn yet, so trouble could be looming.

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In one of Britain’s biggest seal colonies on the remote Norfolk coast, newborn seals are learning to feed from their mums, and cheeky meerkats in a Welsh zoo learn how to hunt for insects and stand as sentries, and how to survive with the aid of a sweet potato porcupine.

Planet Earth this isn’t, but it is a heart-warming and fun look at the natural world.

TV Times rating: ****