All American season 6 episode 9 recap: do Spencer and Jordan win the championship game?

Daniel Ezra and Mustafa Speaks as Spencer and Coach Boone on the field in All American season 6 episode 9
Daniel Ezra and Mustafa Speaks in All American (Image credit: Troy Harvey/The CW)

In All American season 6 episode 9, appropriately titled "100%" as the show's 100th episode, Spencer (Daniel Ezra), Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) and the rest of the GAU team compete for a national championship. However, before they get there, Spencer takes a walk down memory lane to get over some last-minute nerves.

Speaking of the game, Asher (Cody Christian) and Coastal are GAU's opponents, and during the game, he's given an amazing gift. Elsewhere, Layla (Greta Onieogou) plans an impromptu wedding for her and Jordan, and Coop thinks she's found the key to making sure Miko (Courtney Bandeko) goes to prison for attacking Patience (Chelsea Tavares). 

Here's what happened in All American season 6 episode 9.   

The return of Shawn 

Jay Reeves as Shawn on a swing in All American

Jay Reeves in All American  (Image credit: The CW)

Spencer is dreaming about himself on a football field when Shawn (Jay Reeves) appears. Shawn hands Spencer a ball and out of nowhere comes a pack of pee-wee football players chasing Spencer down the field. When Spencer finally wakes up, Olivia (Samantha Logan) consoles him as this marks the third time Spencer's had a dream about his dead frenemy. Olivia presses Spencer to figure out what the dreams mean so he can focus on the upcoming championship game. 

The next day, Spencer visits the football field where he used to play the game as a kid. Grace (Karimah Westbrook) surprises him, saying Olivia thought he could use her help. She gives her son several small boxes with mini replicas of all the fields he's played on, with real dirt from those fields. She then pulls out an empty box for the NFL team "lucky enough to have him." Spencer is appreciative. 

Spencer's next stop is the South Crenshaw football field where he meets former teammate Chris (Spence Moore II). He tells Chris his dreams about Shawn, but Chris can't really shed light on what they mean. However, Chris does share that back in high school, he was jealous that Spencer went to Beverly Hills to play, but he now admires Spencer for trying to do the right thing for his football ambitions and his family. Chris encourages Spencer to just focus on tomorrow's game. 

When Spencer arrives at the Beverly Hills High School field, he bumps into Asher, who often frequents their old stomping grounds. After hearing of Spencer's dreams, Asher notes Spencer is probably just nervous as he has a lot on the line in his final game before going to the NFL. The friends start going down memory lane, and call Jordan to join the fun. 

Without an explanation for his dreams, Spencer returns to South Crenshaw and finds Chris, who has one of the mini replica fields Grace gave him. As the two friends chat, Coop (Bre-Z) shows up and jokingly asks Spencer, "Don't you have somewhere to be?" The words unlock the mystery of the dreams for Spencer, who thinks Shawn was trying to get him to face whatever he had emotionally brewing underneath so he can be ready for whatever the future has waiting for him. 

Coop's smoking gun 

Coop spends the majority of the episode trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious case involving Miko. The future attorney finds out Miko was involved in a previous legal issue, but the documents have been sealed. When Coop shares the information with Laura (Monét Mazur), the latter notes she already knew about it, but given the information is sealed, it won't be helpful for Patience in the trial. Coop disagrees. 

After doing some more digging, Coop tracks down a woman named Jalessa (Shannon Timberlake), whose name was connected to the sealed case. Coop shows her a picture of Miko and Jalessa turns to leave, saying she can't help her because she signed an NDA. However, she does warn Coop that she and Patience should stay far away from Miko.

Later when Coop tries to give Laura some updates, Laura still believes the sealed case is a moot point, especially with Jalessa not being able to talk about anything. Coop is still determined to help Patience, and isn't willing to let this go, even hinting she may resort to illegal methods to attain all the information she wants to know. 

Layla plans a wedding

Jordan and Layla smiling at a house party in All American

Michael Evans Behling and  Greta Onieogou in All American (Image credit: The CW)

The day before the game, Jordan stops by to see Layla as she tries to do some journaling for therapy. She's so far unsuccessful, so she pivots to her excitement about throwing Jordan and Spencer a congratulations party the next day. While he's happy to hear of her plans, he wants her to prioritize her therapy homework. She reluctantly agrees. 

When Layla goes by the beach house later, she runs into the boys' roommate Charissa (Melissa Jane Rodriguez). Charissa puts doubts into Layla's head that Jordan still wants to marry her, which leaves Layla puzzled. 

Back at the Baker house, trying to find something that will spark her journaling, Layla looks in an old box belonging to her parents. In it, she finds her mother's wedding dress. Between this find and advice from Coop about how to conquer fear, Layla gets the idea to turn Jordan and Spencer's party into a surprise wedding for her and Jordan. Olivia isn't keen on the idea when Layla tells her of her big plans, but she wants to support her friend. 

The wedding never comes to fruition, however, as Olivia encourages Jordan to speak with Layla first. Layla says she was worried he was pulling away from her and wants to prove they aren't her parents. He says He'd rather the wedding be about them and not her mom and dad. She agrees. 

Do Spencer and Jordan win the championship? 

The championship game is closely contested between GAU and Costal. Right before halftime, Coastal scores a touchdown to even the score, but their wide receiver is injured in the process. The injury leaves the team in trouble, and Wade (Christian James) suggests Asher suit up as he already knows all the plays. The coach isn't initially sold on the idea. 

By the time the game reaches the fourth quarter, the teams are still neck and neck and it's downpouring rain. Hoping to get the advantage, Coastal puts Asher into the game and he quickly scores a touchdown. However, he's hit hard in the end zone and is down for the count. Spencer and Jordan frantically worry, and so does Jaymee (Miya Horcher), who's watching the game at home. After a scare, Asher jumps up in celebration. 

With 12 seconds left in the game, and GAU down by three, Mac (Jamel King) and Spencer disagree on what to do. Coach Boone (Mustafa Speaks) intervenes and sides with Spencer. The final play of the game sees Spencer run the ball for a touchdown, with Jordan blocking for him. 

Spencer has plenty to celebrate with the game-winning play, but the icing on the game is Olivia agreeing to move in with him at the beach house; just one of Olivia's big decisions, as she also decides not to publish her dad's biography after the editor wanted to include Billy's affair. 

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