Does Maya Bishop survive on Station 19?

Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop working with a victim in Station 19 season 6
Danielle Savre in Station 19 (Image credit: ABC/James Clark)

When the Station 19 season 6 fall finale aired back in November 2022, it left viewers gasping as the episode ended with Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre) injured and passed out on the floor alone. In many ways, that scene seemed to be a culmination of her recent downward spiral that alienated those closest to her. Now the big question is what happens to Maya next? 

Before we dive into the answer, let's revisit what led up to this moment. 

In the episode titled "Everybody Says Don't," Maya got into an argument with her wife Carina (Stefania Spampinato). The former wasn't thrilled that the latter took a pregnancy test without her and let her feelings be known. On the other hand, Carina was annoyed by Maya's reasons for being upset, thinking her wife should be more supportive of the fact that Carina was disappointed she wasn't with child. Take a look at the heated exchange. 

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Maya then got into it with her bestie Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz). Maya took exception with the fact that her friend, who outranks her on the force, told her to step aside while in the middle of saving a life in the field. While Andy's call wasn't personal, Maya felt attacked. When she confronted Andy about the incident at the station, it ended with Maya storming off. 

In what has appeared to be an ongoing theme this season, an upset Maya went to the gym in the station to work out her frustrations. Unfortunately, while pushing her body to its limits on the treadmill, she takes a pretty hard fall that renders her unconscious and alone, as her friends and coworkers left to handle another crisis (Meredith Grey’s burning house). 

What happens to Maya in Station 19?

Fast forwarding to the winter season 6 premiere titled "We Build Then We Break," Jack (Grey Damon) actually finds Maya and gets her to the hospital. While at Grey Sloan Memorial, Dr. Altman (Kim Raver) manages to treat Maya but informs her that her body is exhausted. In fact, she's pushed her body, specifically her heart, so hard that she's actually on the verge of having a heart attack. 

It looks like the best medicine for her is actually rest, which Maya clearly doesn't know how to do. It's even recommended she seek some form of therapy to help her work through the issues plaguing her mental health, which Carina is glad to second as she's been telling her wife to go to therapy for months. 

Maya is adamant however that she is perfectly fine and even tries to go against Altman's orders and check herself out of the hospital. That's when Carina makes the hard decision to have her wife placed in a forced psychiatric hold for 72 hours. Maya becomes livid and vows if Carina goes through with this that they are done. An emotionally-wrecked Carina stands her ground, committed to seeing the love of her life alive and well, even if that costs her the marriage.  

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In the final moments of the episode, Carina goes home and packs her bags. She appears to be prepared for whatever fallout may come next, even if it is a divorce.

Station 19 fans weigh in on Maya and Carina’s relationship

Fans are not thrilled to see the fan-favorite couple teetering on the edge of divorce.  Check out the Tweets for yourself.  

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