I Hate Christmas cast: who's who in the Italian Netflix series

I Hate Christmas cast: Gianna with her parents
Gianna tells a huge lie to her family at Christmas. (Image credit: Netflix)

I Hate Christmas is a new Italian Netflix series that follows disillusioned thirty-year-old Gianna who, like the title suggests, despises the festive season especially all the questions from family about her love life and future plans.

Unfortunately for the happily single, Scrooge-like Gianna, she lies to her family over a stressful dinner one evening, telling them that she does have a boyfriend and that she'll bring him home for Christmas, soon realizing she'll actually have to go through with this.

Gianna hopes to find someone she can introduce to her family to, embarking on 24 days of dating, like a really chaotic advent calendar, and recruits her friends to help her.

But who's in the I Hate Christmas cast? Here's everything you need to know about the key members of the Netflix comedy series.

I Hate Christmas cast: Pilar Fogliati as Gianna

Pilar Fogliati as Gianna

(Image credit: Netflix)

Gianna is a single, 30-year-old nurse who really isn't a fan of the festive season. She hasn't dated anyone since her previous partner and is dedicated to her work, something that displeases her family. After telling a lie about having a boyfriend, Gianna begins a frantic search to find one.

She's played by Pilar Fogliati, who is known for starring in Un passo dal cielo, The Time of Indifference and Sbagliata.

Fiorenza Pieri as Margherita

Fiorenza Pieri as Margherita

(Image credit: Netflix)

Margherita is Gianna's sister, who has children and her life revolves around her family and motherhood. She's a bit neurotic and constantly makes fun of Gianna for not understanding what it's like to be a mother, so the two often clash.

Fiorenza Pieri has starred in the TV series Blanca and the movies The Early Bird Catches the Worm and Beyond Love

Glen Blackhall as Umberto

(L to R) Glen Blackhall as Umberto, Pilar Fogliati as Gianna

(Image credit: Netflix)

Umberto is one of the doctors at the local hospital who Gianna works alongside. The two are assigned a double shift on Christmas Eve due to the fact neither of them has spouses or family.

He's played by Glen Blackhall who has starred in movies such as Sin, A Liberal Passion  and Jump

Sabrina Paravicini as Marta

(L-R) Sabrina Paravicini as Marta, Pilar Fogliati as Gianna, Massimo Rigo as Pietro

(Image credit: Netflix)

Martia is Gianna's mother who is constantly pressuring her to settle down, even going as far as to imply her daughter is a "spinster". She is one of the main reasons Gianna felt pushed into lying about having a boyfriend.

Sabrina Paravicini is an actress and director who is best known for Be Kind, Comunque mia and Alice and the Land That Wonders.

Massimo Rigo as Pietro 

Massimo Rigo as Pietro and Pilar Fogliati as Gianna

(Image credit: Netflix)

Pietro is Gianna's father, and the two seem to have a great relationship. He puts far less pressure on her than her mother and siblings, even reassuring her that she's not weird for being single.

Massimo Rigo is an actor best known for La ragazza nella nebbia, Thou Shalt Not Kill and Appunti di un venditore di donne.

Who else is in the cast?

  • Andrea Di Stefano as Dante Crisanti
  • Alessio Praticò as Mario
  • Gabriele Falsetta as Patrizio
  • Nicolas Maupas as Davide
  • Astrid Meloni as Nina
  • Giovanni Anzaldo as Nicola
  • Beatrice Arnera as Titti
  • Cecilia Bertozzi as Caterina
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