Kelly Preston's most memorable roles

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Have you ever heard the adage 'there's no such thing as a small role'? Kelly Preston embodied that throughout her whole career. Whether she was the leading lady in her respective series or film, or only on screen for a few moments, her performances were always memorable.

Breast cancer may have taken her away from her friends and family too soon — she died July 12 — but here are some of our favorite roles. Some are fun, others are big,  but they're all memorable. 

Avery Bishop, 'Jerry Maguire'

Does Jerry Maguire, as a whole, have anything to do with Avery Bishop? Nah. Does Avery Bishop have one of the most memorable moments of the film? Absolutely! Sure, the scene has one of those patented casual abuse moments. It was the 90s, what can we say? Preston brought a trademarked kind of badassery to roles like Bishop. They might have been the stereotypical 'strong female characters' of the age, but that didn't make 'em any less great for the time. 

You can't hurt her, Jerry. She's too strong for you. 

Vicki, 'Old Dogs'

Vicki may have been another one of Kelly Preston's "smaller" roles, but it is one of which the entire film of Old Dogs was built. The sweet comedy follows two men, two kiddos, and one environmental activist (Preston) who may or may not be facing jail time for protecting our planet. There's also obviously a dog, but you'll need to check out the film to figure out how those hijinks ensue! 

Marnie Mason, 'Twins'

Marnie Mason and Avery Bishop have more in common than some might think at first glance. While the films are nearly a decade apart, both of Preston's roles know who they are, what they want, and what they stand for. Marnie was one of Preston's many roles alongside friend Arnold Schwarzenegger throughout their careers, and certainly one of the most fun.  

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Gabby Frost, 'Jack Frost' 

No, not the one that's a horror movie! Jack Frost (1998) is a very sweet film that largely gets slept on twenty-two years later. Preston plays Gabby Frost, wife to to main character Jack Frost (Michael Keaton). It's your run of the mill, heartfelt holiday jam. But Preston and Keaton have a nice chemistry together, and who can resist a sad Christmas movie about a man who doesn't realize that he didn't love his family enough until it was too late? 

Victoria Gotti, 'Gotti'

If you ever wanted to know if Kelly Preston and John Travolta were truly in love, all you had to do was watch them in one of their many films together. The two often played side-by-side as husband and wife. Gotti might not be the best of those films, but it is certainly the most insane. It's also Preston's last film role before losing her battle with breast cancer. 

Jetstream, 'Sky High'

It's only right that Kelly Preston got a role billed as "one of the world's most famous superheroes." She played Jetstream alongside Kurt Russel's Commander in this delightful comedy about superhero children learning how to step into their roles as the planet's next line of defense. 

Preston played an all-star real estate agent by day, and a crime-stopping superhero by night. Butt-kicking just came naturally to her. (If you have any doubts, check out the clip of her laying out Tom Cruise above.) 

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